ZKBioBT is a creative APP for iOS  and Android platform which allows you to

 unlock door and manage users by mobile phone

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• Door unlocking
-With ZKBioBT App, your mobile phone is your key
• User management
-Delete separate users or all users
-Edit user information including name, ID and privileges
• Lock transaction check
• Flexible open-door duration setting

Technical Specifications

Supported Device Models

ML10B, PL10B, ML10DB, PL10DB

Supported Apple Mobiles

iPhone4S/iPhone5/iPhone5S/iPhone5C/iPhone6/iPhone6 plus

iOS OS Requirement

7.0 and above

          Android OS Requirement
Android 4.3 and Above
 Support Smart Phone Bluetooth                        Requirement
Bluetooth 4.0
Support terminal screen self-adaption for smart phone
              Tested Android Brand
nexus 5.0, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ,HTC-ONEX,Huawei Honor
0.38MB Data Sheet 2015-12-14
ZKBio BT APP Download Instruction
0.13MB Installation Guide 2015-12-25
ZKBioBT User Manual V1.0
1.81MB User Manual 2015-08-31
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