Altronix and ZKTeco USA Announce New Power, Biometrics and RFID Access Control Integration Solution

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Trove™ Access and Power Integration Solution Increases Installation Efficiencies

Photo credit: (Photo courtesy Altronix)

Altronix and ZKTeco USA have recently teamed up to deliver a new access control and power integration solution, Trove2Z2, that simplifies board layout and wire management, greatly reducing installation and labor costs.

As noted by Larry Reed, the CEO of ZKTeco USA, “Our ongoing goal at ZKTeco is providing customers with innovative yet simple ways to help further reduce the total cost of ownership when installing access control systems.”

Trove2Z2 is designed to seamlessly integrate with ZKAccess C3 and inBio access control panels and provide the versatility and flexibility to easily configure and install access systems. Trove2Z2 is scalable to accommodate up to 32 doors and includes an enclosure, backplane, tamper switch, mounting hardware, and cam lock, along with ample room to accommodate back-up batteries. The removable backplane allows you to assemble and test your system prior to installation, saving time onsite, and reducing overall costs.

“Our collaboration with ZKTeco USA provides system designers and installers a highly efficient access control integration solution that makes installations faster, easier and ultimately more profitable,” said Alan Forman, the president of Altronix Corporation.

“Prior to Trove2Z2, manually running individual wire for large multi-door projects could be a challenge. However, thanks to this integration, our customers can now consolidate all their wiring which results in dramatic reductions in both installation time and materials. We greatly value our strategic partnership with Altronix and thank them for helping our customers,” Larry added.

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